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4 Foods That Boost Immunity in a Natural Way  



Keep yourself safe from illness and viruses by taking these 4 food items that boost the immune system naturally.

1.) All Grains Whole grains contain anti-inflammatory properties that help boost healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, which increases your immune system.

2.) Citrus Fruits Oranges, tangerines lemons, and many other citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system.

3.) Bone Broth A broth made of bones from animals (like the bones of chickens) can assist you in getting over colds by strengthening your immunity. According to research, chicken bone broth has anti-inflammatory properties in the body.

4.) Mushrooms Research suggests that mushrooms are excellent for boosting immunity. One study found that those who consumed a daily dose of mushrooms for four weeks had more immune-boosting T-cells.