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Assets and Fit

Brett Koremenos: It’s hard to look at Channing Frye’s numbers in Orlando — a 9.1 PER, 39.2 percent shooting from the field, and a demotion to the bench — and think of him as the sole cause for the Suns’ disappointing follow-up act to last season’s success in Phoenix. Yet it’s ironic in some ways that Brandon Knight was the hero of a Suns-Magic game to which Frye barely contributed, because those two players serve as symbols for the way Phoenix’s front office spent the past eight months reconfiguring its roster.

Team-building in the NBA can basically be broken down into two distinct methods: asset collection and fit, the latter of which is a huge factor when it comes to, you know, actually winning games. While you can certainly argue about the value of his contract, Frye is no doubt a player who “fits” nearly every roster in the league, thanks to his still-proficient — 38.7 percent this year — outside shooting. Even during a disastrous year in his new digs, Frye’s presence has made every member of Orlando’s core trio — Elfrid Payton, Victor Oladipo, Nikola Vucevic — better, even if it’s just by a few percentage points in assist rate or effective field goal percentage.

In a vacuum, Knight is clearly a more productive player. But the question with Knight isn’t his stats, it’s his role — what does he do to help a team win? The failure to ask that question about Frye has had a domino effect. It has essentially cost the Suns Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragic and forced them into trading for the now-underutilized (and slightly misused) Brandan Wright.

In effect, instead of trying to retain or obtain players that fit around Phoenix’s core, Suns management went about compiling a fantasy team that looked intriguing on paper but failed to mesh in a real-life game played with personalities, egos, and just one basketball.

That’s why the win over the Magic was only the Suns’ third in the eight games since the trade deadline and only their fourth overall since the calendar turned to February. For a team that was supposed to be surging forward, a series of questionable moves has what was a promising Phoenix squad treading the waves of mediocrity.

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