#NBAger Starting Five

Wöchentliche Leseempfehlungen in deutscher und englischer Sprache!

4. Woche

pg Scouting-Talk:
Karl Towns, Kelly Oubre, D’Angelo Russell, Willie Cauley-Stein
– Torben Adelhardt/Tobias Berger| SidelineWatch| @torben41
sg Scouting-Talk:
Myles Turner, Kevon Looney, Jahlil Okafor
– Torben Adelhardt/Tobias Berger| SidelineWatch| @torben41
sf Clutch Podcast #46
 – Pascal Gietler, Timo Vakalopoulos| Crunch Time Blog| @PascalCTB @TimoCTB
pf We The North: Der Aufstieg der Toronto Raptors
– Oliver Schroth| Coast to Coast Blog | @Halffstrong
c Ol’ Skool: Dominique Wilkins
– Rainer Luwdig| NBAChef | @Sly_S04
pg Remembering the overlooked Celtics Champs of the ’70s
– ‘Professor Parquet’ | CelticsBlog
sg Examining Mike Conley’s unorthodox right-handed floater
– Andrew Ford | Grizzlibear Blues| @AndrewFord22
sf Using the shot clock as a sixth defender
 – Seth Partnow | Nylon Calculus | @SethPartnow
pf David Blatt doesn’t need this shit
 – ‘WayneEmbrysKids’| I Go Hard Now
c The Mavs offense and its streaky 3-point shooting
– Tim Cato| @tim_cato

3. Woche

pg Die Evolution der Center
– Fabian Stefi | Coast-to-Coast| @FabiShqiptar
sg John Stockton
– Pascal Gietler | Crunch-Time Blog | @PascalCTB
sf NCAA: Systemfragen
 – Axel Babst | NBAChef | @CoachBabst
pf Sterben klassische Point Guards aus?
– Sebastian Bergmann | Sidelinewatch  | @rarename2k14
c  Die Macht der Erinnerung
– Jeremias Heppeler | NBAChef | @RisseimAsphalt
pg Defensive Improvement driving the Blazers this year
– Evans Clinchy | Blazer’s Edge | @evansclinchy
sg How Andre Wiggins has changed his game
– Eric in Madison | Canis Hoopus | @CanisHoopus
sf Detroit Counterpoint
 – Seth Partnow | Nylon Calculus | @SethPartnow
pf Twin towers: Playing Marc Gasol & Kosta Koufos together
 – Kevin Yeung | Grizzly Bear Blues | @KevinHFY
c Atlanta Hawks big men
– Jonathan Tjarks | @JonathanTjarks

2. Woche

pg The Power of an Assist…
– Sebastian Seidel | NBAChef | @SebastianCTCB
sg (No) Big Deal? Mavs
– Pascal Gietler | Crunch-Time Blog | @PascalCTB
sf NCAA Formcheck
– Axel Babst | NBAChef | @CoachBabst
pf Jakob Pöltl im Interview
– Christopher Kwiotek | Court Review | @Kwio
c Donatas Motiejunas und das gute an Verletzungen
– “Hide” | Court Review |
pg Getting to the X’s & O’s – A Blueprint for the Use of Tracking Data
– Johannes Becker | Nylon Calculus | @SportsTribution
sg The Brandan Wright Trade?
– Andrew Johnson | Nylon Calculus | @CountingBaskets
sf The r-squared Podcast: Episode 13 with Neil Paine
– Ian Levy | Nylon Calculus | @HickoryHigh, @NeilPaine
pf Jabari’s done for the season. Now what?
– Frank Madden | Brew Hoop | @brewhoop
c Why doesn’t Danny Green get more late-game shots?
– Jesus Gomez| Pounding The Rock | @JejeGomez_PtR


1. Woche

pg Schiri, wir wissen, wo dein Auto steht… 
– Phillipp Rück | NBAChef | @76ersDrJ
sg Die besten Rollenspieler des Saisonstarts 2014/15 Teil 1 | Teil 2
– sidelinewatch | @SidelineWatch
sf “Clutch”-Podcast #41
 – Pascal Gietler & Timo Vakalopoulos | Crunch-Time Blog |
@PascalCTB, @TimoCTB
pf  Der gläserne Spieler
– Manuel Baraniak | Crossover-Online | @Manu_Crossover
c  Die deutsche Bank
– Harald Mainka & Hauke Büssing | Ballwerk Orange |
@Harrystocats | @ballwerkorange
pg How Utah landed fast rising NBA prospect Jakob Poeltl
Jeff Eisenberg | Yahoo! Sports | @JeffEisenberg 
sg  Discomforting Blackness.
Jacob Greenberg | The Diss. | @jacobjbg
sf  The Sixers use their length to be a league-average defense
 – Sean O’Connor | Liberty Ballers | @soconner76
pf Why Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell is college basketball’s BestCoolest
 – Michael Baumann | Grantland | @mj_baumann
c  This proposal will fix conference imbalance and the NBA schedule 
– Tom Ziller | SBNation NBA | @TeamZiller



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